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Reinforcing Concepts, LLC was founded with a vision in mind to furnish reinforcing material and provide the installation for footings, slabs, walls and tilt-wall projects.  
Our mission is to convert Grade 60 rebar design to Grade 80 reinforced mesh, showing a value engineered savings for both materials and installation.  Reinforcing Concepts will assist the contractor in working with the engineer of record to create a more efficient system for the project. 
Reinforcing Concepts, LLC will provide shop drawings for submittal, furnish all related materials (reinforcing mesh, chairs) and the labor to install.  Our customer service and integrated design program along with our knowledge of the industry is what separate us from our competition. 
Reinforcing Concepts, LLC will partner with our clients to insure cost savings, quality control and consistency on every project.  We understand that time equals money in the field,  “Your client is our client”! 
Our company’s growth will ensure a continued commitment to you, the industry, and your customers.  Thank you for your support and every opportunity to provide you with quality products and serve!

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EWWR (Engineered Welded Wire Reinforcement) is a pre-fabricated reinforcement consisting of parallel series of high-strength, cold drawn or cold rolled wire that is electrical resistance welded. The welds are made by a continuous automatic state of the art robotic welding machine. Pressure and heat fuse the intersecting wires into a homogeneous section and fix wires in their proper position.

Concrete structures throughout the United States are being successfully and economically reinforced with high-strength, uniformly distributed wires with EWWR. The wide range of wire sizes and spacing available make it possible to furnish the exact cross-sectional area required. An advantage of EWWR is that the spacing is controlled by the electrical resistance robotic welder rather than the alternative of conventional rebar spacing being measured manually in the field. The exact area of steel required is being provided and human error is minimized.

The EWWR is custom designed to fit in concrete areas. For an example, in a tilt-up panel the sheets are designed full length in the vertical direction and lap in the horizontal direction. The sheets are designed to fit the panels with minimal cutting.

Our engineers will take a previously designed project that is designed in conventional Grade 60 rebar and convert the reinforcement to a Grade 80 Engineered Welded Wire Reinforcement. The area of steel will meet or exceed the designed area of steel. The laps (splices) are calculated per ACI 318 12.2. Conversion calculations and lap calculations are provided on each project.  The sheets are designed to fit into the pour areas to minimize cutting in the field. Conventional rebar is provided at areas where EWWR cannot be used. Our drafting department generates full shop drawings showing EWWR detailing/layout and supplemental conventional rebar detailing/layout. Our installation team works closely with the our design/detailing team installing the EWWR and Conventional Rebar system.

EWWR is manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM A1064 Standard Specification for steel wire and welded wire reinforcement, plain and deformed, for concrete.

The EWWR manufactured out of our plants is Manufactured at a Reinforcement Yield Strength of 80,000 psi @ .35% strain.

EWWR is included in the building code requirements for structural concrete by the American Concrete Institute (ACI-318).

EWWR is currently being used nationwide on all type of concrete projects including tilt-up panels, slab on grade, structural slabs, foundations grade beams and spread footings, foundation walls, highway barriers, and bridge decks, etc.

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